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How to Manage Labour Costs in Trade-up?

Trade-Up provides you with the tool to figure out the actual employment cost.

To be able to calculate the Labour cost, first you need to set-up the classification in Up-Family.

  1. Login to https://up-family.com.au/
  2. Click on the Companies tab present on the left hand menu and choose your company.
  3. Click on Classifications tab to create or update the Employment Positions.classification
  4. For a complete instruction on classification please Click Here.
  5. Once classification set-up is complete, switch to Trade-up v2.example TUv2
  6. In Trade-Up dashboard Click on Resourcing tab present on the left hand menu. This will calculate the Labour Costs based on the classification you set as above.resourcing
  7. Select a specific job from dropdown menu to figure out the Total Labour Cost.resourcing job
  8. Click here to learn more on Managing Labour Cost.

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