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Export Safety Matrix

Safety Matrix allows us to export the licences and tickets that your crew members have.

  1. Login to https://up-family.com.au/
  2. On the left panel of your dashboard, click on Reports icon.
  3. Select the company from drop down menu.
  4. To export the tickets click on Export button in Tickets section.
  5. You can export required tickets in 3 different formats (CSV, Spreadsheet and Spreadsheet with Matrix).
  6. To export specific ticket, tick the check box before Filter and choose from the dropdown options.
  7. To export all tickets, un-check the Filter option.
  8. The 1st option, CSV export file contains employees and their licences with just YES and NO if they have it or not.
  9. The 2nd option, Spreadsheet export file contains the details of the tickets and licences updated by Up-Family member.
  10. The 3rd option, Safety matrix (Spreadsheet with matrix) contains the details of who has which tickets or safety licences with their expiry dates.

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